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Dunblane in Bloom

Dunblane in Bloom was formed in 2004. Our purpose is to make Dunblane an attractive town to live in and to visit. The underlying aim is to encourage civic pride and community spirit. Become a Volunteer – we meet every Sunday morning throughout the year plus some evenings during the summer months, carrying out work such as weeding, litter picking and strimming. We also plant and maintain flowerbeds, planters and half barrel tubs and we maintain the barrels on the Station Platform.

The Group is funded mainly from donations given by the public, community groups, or commercial businesses.  We also apply for and receive grant funding from various sources for specific projects.

As well as the above work we aim to carry out a specific project each year. One such project was the Rock Garden created from a very overgrown area of ground beside the Faery Bridge. We completed the Rock Garden area last year and will continue to work our way towards the viaduct. This will be planted out during the summer. Another project was to revamp the Coronation Garden. We have now created a very peaceful area to sit beside the river.

Please click here for further information on our work.