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Climate Challenge Fund

Rising to the Climate Challenge

We’ve been awarded a £93,384* from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to improve the energy efficiency of the Braeport Centre. With this grant we’ll also encourage walking & cycling instead of car travel to the Centre and within the wider community.

Stirling Council has agreed to pass ownership of the Braeport Centre to the DDT during 2017. Community ownership allows us to proceed with important planned improvements and this funding will help us achieve many of our goals. These include:

• Roof insulation
• Improved heating control
• Double glazing
• Energy efficient lighting
• Door replacement & draught proofing

The project will also encourage active travel such as walking and cycling instead of car travel to the Centre and within the wider community. Our to-do list includes:

• Develop a sustainable travel plan
• Provide cycle shelters
• Improve pedestrian access
• Work with schools & other community facilities
• Review the use of our car park
• Improve entrance access & buggy parking – a covered walkway

*This grant includes maximum funding of £35,353 from the European Regional Development Fund

What other gaps in community services should an upgraded Centre provide?
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Actions for 2017
We’re about to start work refurbishing the windows and adding double glazing. This will ensure a much more energy efficient and warmer Braeport Centre for you to use this winter.

A canopy between the two wings of the building is planned to allow easier access from all rooms to the kitchen and toilets. It will also provide a sheltered space to gather when waiting for groups to start.

We’ve partnered with the Dunblane-by-Cycle group are holding several cycling events over the year. Check our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

A vision for 2030?
A large open reception area and an enlarged south wing with a new kitchen, new toilets, second floor offices, improved storage and smaller rooms for meetings and community activities.

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